Customer Project – Sally’s Knitweave Shawl

Sometimes a customer project just bowls you over! Sally shared a photo of this stunning shawl she made with us and we had to find out the story behind it.

“I used Rooster alpaca 4 ply for the cream yarn, plus a variety of other 4 ply yarns from my stash for the pink, green, grey and turquoise segments. The variegated yarn is the Noro silk garden I bought from the shop last year, and the person who sold it to me was intrigued when I said I was going to use it on my knitting machine, as she thought it was too thick and “lumpy” for a machine. 

I explained I was going to knitweave with it, whereby the weaving yarn isn’t knitted through the latch needles, but is laid onto the surface of the work. The pattern is by reknowned machine knitting designer Iris Bishop. I have to say, the colour changes worked out more or less by accident, as the colours morphed through the Noro yarn to almost exactly match the size of the segments! 

It was knitted all in one piece with an integral fringe, and a mock crochet trim on the straight edge, also made on the machine. I knitted it over 3 days. I love it!”

We’re all fascinated by the idea of ‘knitweave’ and are hoping that Sally will bring in some more examples of her work next time she visits.

Seeing our customers finished products always makes our day here at Spin A Yarn, so be sure to bring them in or send us photos!

by spartadmin